T3100 - Spreader & Sprayer

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It’s Time to grow your business with the most productive, profitable riding applicator on the market—the patented and patent-pending T3100. Get your crew up to speed faster with new simplified controls and an exclusive, easy-to-operate steering wheel. Maximize operator performance and comfort with the industry’s only hands-free speed control and unmatched hill-holding stability. Do residential and commercial properties with the only machine that fits through a 36-inch gate and sprays up to 132,000* square feet per fill. Cut your callbacks by staying on target with the only high-velocity,large droplet spray and our unique granular hard trim. Reduce downtime with a time-tested all mechanical drive, no electronics and rugged, easy-to-service design. Maximize productivity with our exclusive 3-in-1 Tank, which includes an additional 15 gallon capacity, front-mount spray nozzle and hand wand. (*with the 3-in-1 Tank.) Model 85877 includes the electric start installed.

  • New design incorporates customer feed back and proven field results  to increase productivity, minimize downtime and make operation easier. Call us to learn about all the upgrades.
  • New Dual, 9-gallon sprayer tanks offer greater coverage and a safer, lower center of gravity.
  • Intuitive, hands-free speed control giving you unprecedented control and productivity.
  • 3-in-1 15-Gallon Auxiliary Tank can save you up to 10-15 minutes per lawn.
  • 175 lb. spreader hopper and 100 lb. carrier tray enable you to cover up to 132,000* sq ft per fill.
  • Trim and application rate control eliminate off-target prills, while maintaining a matched application rate, to dramatically reduce clean-up time and wasted fertilizer.
  • Adjustable, high-pressure, high-velocity spray system easily adjusts to 4-, 6- or 9-foot widths, applying larger droplets for complete coverage.
  • Compact, versatile design allows you to fit through 36” gates.
  • Pivoting front axle and unique steering wheel design offers more control on uneven ground and hills, while relieving operator strain, eliminating turf tears and helping you effortlessly match up each pass.
  • Comfortable, ergonomic operator platform minimizes user strain and fatigue by reducing vibration and shock.
  • Hands free speed control maintains your speed, while freeing up your hands for spraying and spreading.
  • The T3100 easy to learn, making it a great choice for operations with multiple crew members.

*The 3-in-1 Tank increase your spray capacity to 132,000 sq ft per fill.

Model: T3100, Product Number 85877
Engine: 10.5 HP / 16 AMP (Intek by Briggs & Stratton)
Hopper & Carrier Tray Capacity: 175 lbs. hopper, 100 lbs. tray (275lbs. combined)
Spray Tank Capacity: 18 gallons (33 gallons with 3-in-1 tank)
Fuel Capacity: 2 gallons
Transmission: Hydrostatic drive with dynamic braking
Weight: 500 lbs.
Dimensions: 35 1/2" w x 65" l
Performance: 260,000 sq. ft. per hour at 5 mph
Effective Application Width: Wet-6' or 9', Dry-6' or 9' (12'' or 18'), Trim-4'
Pump: 4 GPM Diaphragm

The T3100 comes with one-year warranty.

"Keep You Running Pac" for T3100 models 85876 & 85877
Product #87524
Includes Engine air and oil filters, Drainzit™ Oil Drain Kit, Transaxle filter, Spray Nozzles and Bodies, Spray System Strainer Filter, Four V-belts, Throttle and Border Control Cables, Two Spinner Wheels, Spinner Shaft Bearings, Springs and Agitator Hairpins.


Optional Hi-Flow Wide Angle Spray Tip Optional Hi-Flow Wide Angle Spray Tip
Product #669134
Rated at 2 gallons per minute at 40 PSI. For use with spray products that require more volume than the standard 1 gallon per minute at 40 psi. CAUTION – Recalibration of the spray system is required when using this spray tip.

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T3100 3-in-1 Tank T3100 3-in-1 Tank
Product #86199
Maximize productivity with our exclusive 3-in-1 Tank, which includes an additional 15 gallon capacity, front-mount spray nozzle and hand wand. 3-in-1 15-Gallon Auxiliary Tank can save you up to 10-15 minutes per lawn.


"I've owned several other ride on spreader sprayers before I bought the T3100 in January of 2018. The T3100 is by far the most polished spreader sprayer I have ever used! Totally love it and can't wait to replace my other units with more of them in the future."

Robert Stroud - The Turf Doctor, Franklin, TN

"All the guys love the new T3100, not sure what we did without it!" - Justin, Spring Green of Plateville

"I had a few properties that were easier just to walk with my permagreen that I can handle no problem on the T3100" - Cobly Campbell, Bio Turf Management

 "The T3100 is so versatile that you're able to treat everything from small residential lawns to large commercial properties. In fact, one of our operators was able to treat 18 acres in 7 hours. We'd never done that before the T3100." - Larry Ginger, American Lawn Care, Des Moines, IA