T3100 3-in-1 Tank

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Add the 3-in-1 Tank to your T3100 for maximum versatility & productivity. Includes a 15 gallon tank, front-mount spray nozzle & a hand wand. Easily configure to meet your specific needs.

By adding the 3-in-1 Tank, you'll increase your spray capacity allowing you to cover up to 132,000 sq ft per fill. You can also fill the 3-in-1 Tank with a second product and use the front-mount spray nozzle to spray at either 6 or 9 ft widths where needed, while still using the standard tanks for a different product. Or you can use the hand wand for spot application (again choosing to fill the 3-in-1 Tank with a second product if that works best for for your needs.) The 3-in-1 Tank help you get the most from your T3100.

  • Increase your spray capacity to be able to cover up to 132,000 sq ft
  • Use a second product, and apply either with the front-mount spray nozzle or the hand wand.
  • Electric pump with on/off switch that mounts into the console for ease of use.
  • Independent pressure regulator.
  • Locking mounting brackets to easity switch between the carrying tray and the 3-in-1 tank with no tools required.
  • Quick-Connect adapter to easily swich between functions (wand, nozzle, additional capacity.)
  • Maximize your T3100's versatility and productivity
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