Edge-R-Rite II Bed Edger Depth Of Cut Traction Assist Heavy duty arm and rugged design provides years of edging productivity Easy edging clean-up Edge-R-Rite II Cutting Blade
"I have been a landscaper for over 20 years. I have used many different types of edgers and this is the best one I have ever used. The Edge-R-Rite II is light enough for 1 person to load on a truck. It is easy to maneuver around shrub beds and trees, even small trees. This is by far the best edger I have ever used."

Daniel Houck
Suburban Lawn Care
Hollidaysburg, PA

Edge-R-Rite II Bed Edger

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The Edge-R-Rite II is an edger that gives landscape contractors the increased versatility to tackle a wider  of on-site edging and cutting jobs with one machine. It can also eliminate hours of manual labor when cutting out flower beds, tree rings, edging walkways, or trenching for underground wiring.

Oscillating blade action makes the Edge-R-Rite II unique when compared to traditional rotary edgers. The Edge-R-Rite cuts without throwing debris, so clean-up is easier and operation of the machine is safer in high-traffic areas. Plus, Edger-R- Rite blades are highly durable, easy to replace and offer a wide variety of options. Commercial-duty durability is built into every Edge-R-Rite II, with features including a solid steel frame, Honda® 4-horsepower engine, heavy duty cutting arm and large sealed bearings.

  •  Increase tire life with drive casting and interchangeable tires.
  • Greaseless bearing, heavy duty arm and rugged design provides years of productivity.
  • Eliminate shovel work for flowerbeds or edging installation.
  • Unique blade action, cuts like a sod cutter without throwing debris.
  • Easy clean-up.
  • Blade outlasts rotary edger blade 20:1.]
  • Safer than a rotary edger.
Engine: 4 HP Honda®
Model: 85304
Controls: Depth-adjusting lever; easy to reach
Traction Assist Drive: Pinion drive on gear tread tire; controlled from handlebar
Tires: Three semi-pneumatic tires; heavy-duty 8" x 1 3/4"
Blade: Right angle balde standard; other options available (at additional cost)
Weight: 105 lbs.
Dimensions: 45" x 20" x 37"

Honda is a registered trademark of American Honda Motor Co.

Right Angle Blade Right Angle Blade
Product #87104
For edging and installation. For use on flowerbeds and baseball diamonds.

price$33.00  $29.70

"V" Trencher Blade
Product #87105
For removal of turf along hard or paved surfaces such as sidewalks, driveways, patios and curbs. Perfect for cutting bed drainage canals.

price$39.00  $35.10

3 3" Sod Cutter Blade
Product #87106
Cuts a 3-inch strip of sod. Use to install concrete, wood edging and invisible dog wire fence.

price$52.00  $46.80

Circular Blade Starter Kit Circular Blade Starter Kit
Product #87110
Cuts through overgrowth a rotary edger can't handle. Use for a vertical cut along sidewalks, driveways, patios and curbs.

price$76.00  $68.40

Circular Replacement Blade Circular Replacement Blade
Product #87107
Cuts through overgrowth a rotary edger can't handle. Use for a vertical cut along sidewalks, driveways, patios and curbs.

price$40.00  $36.00

30° Tree Ring Blade 30° Tree Ring Blade
Product #87111
For flowerbeds, bushes and trees where roots are a consideration. Minimizes root damage.

price$36.00  $32.40

“I have been a landscaper for 20 years and have used many different types of edgers. The Edge-R-Rite II is lightweight and maneuverable…even around small trees. It is by far the best edger I have ever used.”

Daniel Houk
Suburban Lawn Care
Hollidaysburg, PA

“We edged a 12 acre condo project 4 years ago and our old edger went through 20 blades. This year we did the same job with our Turfco Edge-R-Rite. The Edge-R-Rite ran 8 hours a day with no breakdowns and we never had to change the blade.”

Jeannie Schenderline
Jeffco Grounds Maintenance
Anchorage, AK

“The Edge-R-Rite II is by far the best product on the market.”

Trent Winklee
Back to Nature
Markle, IN

“We offer a choice of edgers to our customers, but renters usually choose the Edge-R-Rite II if they are available. That’s why we own more of them than any other brand.”

Jeff Brockmann
Taylor Rental
Fort Wayne, IN

“We’ve had some of our equipment 30-40 years and it still runs perfectly. Our Turfco edger, for example, is 37 years old and we still use it.”

Rich McClure
Bethel, CT

“Very happy with the performance of the Edge-R-Rite II.”

Arun Aggarwal
Rent A Gardener
Naperville, IL

“We are having positive results/comments on the Edger.”

Sean Lehr
Olathe, KS