"We have both broadcast and drop spreader attachments on ride-ons and we would most definitely choose the Turfco drop spreader. One main reason was the ability to control where the seed would end up (not in much beds like the broadcast style) and the excellent results we achieved. The Turfco XT8 & drop seeder are superior to other ride ons in our opinion" - Kevin - Nexgreen, MD

XT8 with Seed-Rite Drop Seeder Attachment

price $11,638.50

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The XT8 Stand-On Aerator was designed to increase your productivity and decrease downtime. Turfco is always helping you get more done. Improve your effciency and profits by aerating and seeding at the same time. The easy to mount hopper holds about 65 lbs of seed, and the agitator ensures consistent flow for great results. The console mounted controls and visible check port make it easy on the operator.

With aeration speed up to 7 mph, the XT8 can cover up to 92,000 sq ft an hour and easily handle residential, commercial and sports turf with a 30" aerating width that can still fit through a 48" gate. It has raised ground clearance to get over most curbs and zero-turn agility. The patent-pending Auto-Depth Control allows operators to set a tine depth that is consistent across a property, regardless of turf conditions all day long.

The rugged reliability of the XT8 minimizes downtime by utilizing covered drive chains outside the aeration area and using sealed, self-aligning bearings near the aeration area. Chain tensioners are easily accessible and a standing platform can be locked in the raised position for easy maintenance on tines. Equipped with a 22-horsepower engine with a cyclonic air cleaner, the XT8 has the power to take on any terrain. Standing platform suspension reduces vibration and shock for reduced operator fatigue and increased comfort.

If you currently own an XT8 and would like a seeder attachment, please contact us at 800.679.8201

  • Aerate & seed up to 92,400 sq ft an hour with quick nimble design
  • Patent-pending Auto-Depth Control- set it once to get consistent aeration depth all day long
  • Protected drive chains outside aeration area keeps out dirt and debris minimizing downtime
  • Foot operated lift and lower control on comfortable shock absorbing platform
  • Highest ground clearance in its class, clears all standard curbs
  • Hassle free maintenance with easy to access chain tensioners and zero grease zerks
  • Seed Rite attachment easily mounts on teh front, and keeps seed on target
  • Agitation keeps consistent flow rate
  • Visible check port from operator position
  • 2.5 cubic ft hopper holds about 65lbs of seed
  • Console mounted gate controls


Engine/Model: Briggs and Stratton® 724cc 22hp / 85399
Drive: Hydraulic Drive to Steering /Drive Motors, Chain Drive to Rear Wheels & Tines
Aerating Width: 30" (76.2 cm)
Core Depth: Adjustable Range, 1 1/2" to 5"
Tines: Coring Type, 3/4" Heat Treated Alloy Steel
Productivity: 92,400 sq ft/h
Ground Speed: 7 mph
Fuel: 6 Gallon Tank
Tine Wheels: 8 Tine Wheels, 6 Tines Per Wheel - 48 Total Tines
Dimensions: 47 3/4" w x 54" h x 69 1/2" l
Weight: 985 lbs.

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