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T3000 System

T3100 Series

The new T3100 is the most intuitive, straightforward, and easy-to-operate applicator available-we've made sure that any member of your crew can easily use it. Learn More...

TurnAer™ XT5 Aerator

TurnAer™ XT5 Aerator

The new TurnAer XT5 is designed to turn and reverse while you aerate, increasing productivity by 50% over traditional aerators. Featuring patented steerable aerator technology and a new hydrostatic drive system, it increases productivity while reducing maintenance time. Learn More...

LS-22™ Lawn Overseeder

LS-22™ Lawn Overseeder

The LS-22 lawn seeder is capable of delivering maximum germination for superior lawn overseeding results. The optimized 1 1/2-inch blade spacing and micro-screw depth adjustment offers quick, accurate blade adjustments for optimal seed-to-soil contact in virtually any lawn seeding conditions. Learn More...

New WideSpin 1540 EC

Edge-R-Rite® II Bed Edger

The Edge-R-Rite II is an edger that gives landscape contractors the increased versatility to tackle a wider variety of on-site edging and cutting jobs with one machine. It can also eliminate hours of manual labor when cutting out flower beds, tree rings, edging walkways, or trenching for underground wiring. Learn More...

Kiscutter™ Sod Cutter

Kiscutter™ Sod Cutter

Cutting sod has never been easier. The Kiscutter is the most maneuverable, easy-to-use sod cutter available for landscape professionals. The Kiscutter's light weight and easy hauling make the Kiscutter ideal for a variety of sodcutting jobs, from sculpting lawns and flower beds, to trimming ball fields. Learn More...

Aerator PRO-26

Aerator PRO-26

The Aerator Pro 26 is built to withstand the toughest aerations and the longest hours. It fits through a 33" gate with dropoff wheels and can aerate up to 33,280 sq ft/hour; aerate up to twelve lawns per day. New weight distribution improves maneuverability while maintaining optimum tine depth. Learn More...

TurnAer™ 6

TurnAer™ 6

The ultimate in productivity: Turn while you aerate up to 43,787 square feet per hour, fitting through 36-inch gates. The TurnAer™ 6 aerator lets you turn with the tines in the ground, and features a spring-powered lift assist to reduce operator fatigue during aeration. A handlebar throttle puts controls within reach, and the front-traction drive makes transporting and loading easy. Learn More...

CR-10 Fairway Topdresser & Material Handler

Mete-R-Matic® Topdresser

 #1 in topdressers since 1961: Unparalleled consistency regardless of ground speed combined with a self-propelled design make the Mete-R-Matic® topdresser vital to your business. Easily maneuver across lawns and other turf areas to topdress with any material including compost, sand, peat and crumb rubber. Learn More...