TurnAer 6 Aerator

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The ultimate in productivity: Turn while you aerate up to 43,787 square feet per hour, fitting through 36-inch gates. The TurnAer™ 6 aerator lets you turn with the tines in the ground, and features a spring-powered lift assist to reduce operator fatigue during aeration. A handlebar throttle puts controls within reach, and the front-traction drive makes transporting and loading easy. Add a Turfco TurnAer™ Chariot and quickly increase the profitability of your aeration business.

  • Fits through a 36-inch gate.
  • Spring-powered lift assist greatly reduces operator fatigue.
  • Handlebar throttle for easy operation and greater control.
  • Available with Chariot for even greater productivity.
  • Aerate like you mow—easily maneuver around trees and flowerbeds.
  • Ideal if the majority of your lawns are 8,000 square feet or greater.
Engine: 4 HP Honda®
Model: 85372
Steering Control: Differential w/individual right & left disc brakes
Bearings: Sealed
Aeration Width: 24 3/8"
Core Depth: Up to 2 3/4"
Tines: (36) coring type – heat treated alloy steel
Transport Speed: 359 ft./min.
Productivity: 43,787 sq. ft./hr.
Dimensions: 35 1/2" w x 49" h x 58" l
Weight: 359 lbs.

Honda is a registered trademark of American Honda Motor Co.

Aerator Tine Aerator Tine
Product #87305

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TurnAer Chariot TurnAer Chariot
Product #86168
Step up your productivity and profit: Transform your TurnAer™ 6 aerator into a riding aerator in seconds. The TurnAer Chariot dramatically reduces fatigue and drastically increases the productivity—and profitability—of lawn aeration. It’s lightweight, attaches and detaches in seconds and can go wherever your Turfco TurnAer aerator goes.


“The TurnAer 6 works great and the learning curve was easy. The Chariot is fantastic and fun!”

Foster McKeon
Foster’s Inc.
Easton, CT

“The TurnAer6 is about as easy to run as a self-propelled lawn mower.”

Dick Reese
Residential Lawn Service

“I love my aerator so much and it works so well that I took EVERY sticker off of it for fear that one of my competitors would get one. Sorry, but I cannot share this info with the ‘enemy’.”

Dean Stavalone
Empire State Sealers
Rochester, NY

“I am very pleased with the Turfco TurnAer6. We had a few technical difficulties, but Turfco got them fixed very quickly without a hitch. I am very pleased with the response time, the service, and their suggestions. The machine is beyond compare! I am just thrilled that I found the right machine. I put the machine to hard work for 4 weeks and it stood up to the test. I feel it is a very fine machine.”

Joyce Pelz
Naturalawn of America
Akron, OH

“The TurnAer6 has been popular with our landscaper customers. It is a very nice, easy to use machine.”

Dave Smith
Bourne Bridge Rental
Bourne, MA

“Love the TurnAer6! Actually thinking about buying another one. Thanks to the staff for their assistance.”

Don Grogan
Affordable Lawn Care Aerating & Rolling
Appleton, WI

“The TurnAer 6 is much easier to operate than the other aerators we currently have. It was a surprise to us that it worked so quickly and easily. We are very pleased with it.”

Scottsbluff, NE

“With the TurnAer6, I increased my productivity with virtually no labor. No way to do this much production with any other aerators. I save so much time I almost feel guilty.”

Richard Carter
My Lawn Guy
Andover, MA

“I aerated a 40,000 sq ft lawn today and barely broke a sweat. Thank you!”

Andrew Cheever
Seacoast Turf LLC
North Berwick, ME

“The TurnAer6 is more than I expected. It makes aerations almost fun again.”

Robert Ladun
Lawn Medic
Baldwinsville, NY

“The TurnAer6 works great and learning curve was easy. Chariot is fantastic and fun!"

Foster McKeon
Foster’s Inc
Easton, CT