Aerator PRO-26 Easy Speed Control Covered chain and belt drives protected from aerating debris. Sealed self aligning bearings. Uni-body aerator frame for durable longlasting performance. Fillable Drum
“We purchased the Turfco Aerator PRO-26 to eliminate downtime and maintenance costs. The 10 units we own have done just that, and we are now looking to purchase the TurnAer 6 to take our efficiency one step further.”

Mike Walkecker
AAA Lawn Care, Inc.
Grand Rapids, MI

Aerator PRO-26

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The Aerator Pro 26 is built to withstand the toughest aerations and the longest hours. It fits through a 33” gate with dropoff wheels and can aerate up to 33,280 sq ft/hour; aerate up to twelve lawns per day. New weight distribution improves maneuverability while maintaining optimum tine depth.

The Aerator Pro 26 has a covered chain and belt drive which are protected from aeration debris, reducing maintenance and chain problems. It utilizes a uni-body frame and solid steel axles minimizing downtime, as well as a handlebar throttle for easy operation and greater control. Maximize profits while minimizing downtime with a Simple, durable aerator.

  • NEW weight distribution improves maneuverability by putting less strain on the operator while maintaining optimum tire depth.
  • Covered chain and belt drives protected from debris and reduce maintenance and chain problems.
  • Uni-body frame simplifies maintenance and minimizes downtime.
  • Productivity of 33,280 square feet per hour; aerate 12 lawns per day.
  • Drop-off transport wheels for 33-inch gates.
  • Handlebar throttle for easy operation and greater control.
Engine: 4 HP Honda®
Model: 85396
Bearings: 6 flange mount, self-aligned sealed ball bearings
Aerating Width: 26 1/2" (up to 9 holes per square foot)
Core Depth: Up to 2 3 /4"
Tines: (42) coring type
Productivity: Up to 33,280 square feet per hour
Speed: Up to 260 feet per minute
Length: 62"
Width: 33" (with drop-off wheels detached)
Height: 49"
Dry Weight: 276 lbs.
Filled Weight: 346 lbs.
Water Drum Capacity: 8 1/2 gallons

Honda is a registered trademark of American Honda Motor Co.

Aerator Tine Aerator Tine
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“Very impressed with the machines, they really take a beating and pull a great plug. We have increased productivity with the Turfco units and have had no down time.”

Scott Oleson
Central Lawn Care
Plainfield, IL

“The Turfco Aerator Pro26 has been a real good aerator for me. They did a good job putting it together; it didn’t fall apart right away like some equipment. Matter of fact, I’ve only had to replace a couple belts on it in 2 years. I called the Turfco 800 number and they shipped me new belts overnight.”

Bruce Langhoff
Lone Oak Lawn Care
Sioux Falls, SD